John Baldessari

John Baldessari

John Baldessari was a towering figure in conceptual art. Literally he was a towering figure of 6ft 7in to be precise.
He was also incredibly important.

John Baldessari (1931) Goya Series:

John Baldessari - The Cremation Project 1970
In 1970 Baldessari burnt all of the paintings he had created between 1953 and 1966 as part of a new piece, titled 'The Cremation Project'
Cookies The Cremation Project 1970
The ashes from these paintings were baked into cookies and placed into an urn, and the resulting art installation consists of a bronze plaque with the destroyed paintings' birth and death dates, as well as the recipe for making the cookies.
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Baldessari discovered that obscuring the face lent anonymity to his subjects and encouraged the viewer to focus on other aspects of the images.

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